Fjell Municipal Sludge Drying Systems

Scalping or Full drying

Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Drying of sludge from Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants - converting sludge into a valuable resource. Biosludge and MWWTP sludge are known to be extremely tricky to dry because of their tendency to transform to a glue phase.

Municipal WasteWater sludge is generally an extremely tough application with severe wear and tear on the drying equipment, but the Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer has proven to resist these extreme conditions since the first unit was installed in 2001.

Dried sludge

Fjell dryer solutions for municipal sludge.

Part drying or scalping

In Fjell Turbo Disc (TD) Dryer. We increase relative portion of dry matter (DM) on wastewater from approximately 20% to 40% for the sludge to be fed directly to incineration.

Full drying

In Fjell Turbo Disc Dryer. Together with a mixing system we can increase DM up to approximately 93%. Important nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus will remain in the sludge. Such sludge is useful as a basis in fertilizer production.

By using Fjell TD dryer together with our patented process solution, the steam consumption can be reduced by up to 40% compared to a standard dryer.

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