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Cooling of meal products

We design and manufacture meal cooler system specially adapted for the local requirements.

To avoid condensation in dried fishmeal, it is important to have correct cooling - before storing in tanks, sacks or bigbags.

We offer solutions every need - whether it is in warm regions (Asia) or on fishing boats designed for fishing in Arctic regions.

In sensitive areas with restricted cooling water supply and high ambient temperatures it can be challenging to meet local requirements for emissions to water and air, and for such applications we have developed a special indirectly cooled air hygienic air cooler system.

The cooler is designed as a long drum equipped with an agitator mounted in roller bearings on the end plates.

Hot meal is stirred through the cooler, while we use a cetrifugal fan to draw a counterflow of cool air.

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All FTG coolers are designed to make the costs of installation and maintanance as low as possible.

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Example of 3D design of mealcooler silo intended for both use onshore and on vessels.

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