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A joint mission to develop a sustainable solution to capture CO2


Fjell Technology Group has been involved in technology development for CO2 capturing since 2008. This investment is part of a separate subsidiary Compact Carbon Solutions (3C).

3C already offer feasibility studies for CO2 capture on all sources of emissions and are currently working on studies on Waste to Energy Plants, Offshore gas turbines and Maritime applications (CO2 capture on ships)

Due to the very compact and light weight rotating CO2 capture technology, it is retrofitable almost everywhere.

In addition, its modular scalability makes 3C suitable for emission poins from 10,000 MT / year to 1,000,000 MT / year based on a pair of standardized plant sizes. The containerized standard modules allow for simplified hook-up and cost-saving on Civil Works.

In addition 3C are heading two other development projects for capturing CO2.

One uses Carbonate looping, featuring state of the art Nano-Technology.

The second applies to Green Hydrogen production (Producing Hydrogen without emitting CO2).

This development takes place in close collaboration with scientific environments and Equinor. See more info at www.compactcarbon.no


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