Waste Heat Evaporator: Capacity 36 TPH to Japan`s leading FishMeal Factory

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Evaporation plants are required in a process whenever water or any other solvent has to be removed, concentration has to be increased or volume reduced. Fjell Technology Group can supply various types of evaporators. Each type offers its own benefit, and the most suitable type is selected in each case with consideration of the main process parameters, scaling tendency, product thermal sensitivity, annual operating hours and accessibility for maintenance. FTG also designs smart solutions for cleaning the evaporator.

To ensure a long life cycle, FTG evaporators are made of the most sufficient materials of construction such as stainless steel, duplex steel and nickel alloys.

The Waste Heat Evaporator at Sanki is evaporating approximately 6% of soluble proteins from the stick water and increases the quality of the meal significantly. The evaporator is heated by the vapour from the dryers, so the energy is more or less at no cost.

featured image thumbnail for project SANKI
featured image thumbnail for project SANKI


Fjell Technology Group designs, manufactures and commissions equipment, machinery and processing lines for all type of fish and residual raw material processing. We can offer:

Conceptual studies and process simulations with detailed mass and energy balance

Process design complete fish meal plants from 60 TPD – 1000 TPD Capacity

Pilot testing

Plant layout in detailed 3-D

Design and manufacture of own process equipment.

Specification and procurement of other process equipment

Construction Management