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The TMD is the dryer for materials categorized as difficult or sticky to dry

The TMD process is patented and has shown excellent results on materials with sticky behaviour during drying. In the TMD the heat required for the evaporation is generated directly in the material by a high-speed rotor. The technology is owned by Thermtech AS.

FTG is the exclusive supplier for TMD towards fish farmers (RAS - and flow-through plants) in Norway.

  • * Compact process
  • * Mobile unit available (20’ container footprint)
  • * Fundamentally hazard free process
  • * High-energy efficiency (>95%)
  • * No steam, hot oil or hot air required
  • * Simple installation
  • * Automatic control system during operation
  • * Can eliminate mold and bacteria in dried material

This dryer is excellent on most types of material, but truly unique on material that is perceived as sticky or “glue-like”.

The TMD is excellent on most material, exceeding on sticky, “glue-like” material.

Thermo Mechanical Dryer


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The TMD can be applied for the following areas:

  • * Bio sludge
  • * Municipal waste
  • * Fish offal
  • * Fish and animal manure
  • * Organic products
  • * Proteins
  • * Blood

Fjell RAS Sludge drying system is a fully automated system, with minimal need for supervision. Unlike most other sludge drying technologies, Fjell RAS Sludge Dryers do not require the addition of polymer (plastic), or other additives. This provides an environmentally friendly end product (fertilizer), while drying is more cost effective.