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WHE, and Forced Flash Finisher

Fjell Technology Group was originally established almost 50 years ago as local manufacturer of evaporator stages and tube and shell heat exchangers for Stord Bartz, and produced many hundred stages until year 2000. Since then we have designed, manufactured and commissioned many complete evaporator systems, both WHE and our unique Forced Flash Finisher.

Today we focus on cookers and dryer technology, and have chosen to cooperate with EPCON Evaporation Technology AS for deliveries of MVR Evaporators, and promote their excellent high grade technology to our customers.

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We can offer:

Conceptual studies and process simulations with detailed mass and energy balance

Process design

Pilot testing

Plant layout in detailed 3-D

Design and manufacture of own process equipment.

Specification and procurement of other process equipment

Construction Management




The beautiful workmanship of the evaporators we have supplied to Sanriku, Ketsenumma – Japan in 2017