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Fjell Technology Group Fjell has anchored in its strategy to be an important contributor in the circular economy within residual waste. Today Fjell is one of the leading suppliers of technology towards processing equipment for residual raw materials. Deploying such technology for making use of all parts of the fish means that fish processing plants significantly reduce their levels of waste as well as providing the best solutions for the "second value chain". In addition to working with the fish processing industry, Fjell Technology also delivers technology to recycle sludge from aquaculture and municipal waste plants. The sludge is used as additives in fertiliser products.

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About Us

FTG aim to deliver total process solutions for our customers. In order to be able to offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions, as well as to keep costs down, the organization is built around key people - all with a high level of expertise in their respective areas. Production is mainly outsourced to partners in Poland or the Baltics.

FTG put a great importance to the HSEQ work and keeps continuous focus on high quality at all stages of the business.

Through the values ​​Reliable – Innovative – Responsible, the pursuit of the vision is implemented. FTG will deliver innovative and sustainable products and processing plants to ensure tomorrow’s solutions.

FTG has a strategy of having a high level of expertise in engineering and project management. The purpose is to be able to offer R&D for customers and partners, when customers do not have the necessary knowledge. At the same time, FTG wants to be able to carry out project follow-up and deliveries, in order to offer comprehensive solutions. FTG therefore often join forces with a range of cooperative companies.


Fjell was established in 2000 and is based on more than 40 years of experience in high-end engineering and fabrication work from the process industry on and offshore. In 2012 FTG conducted a strategic decision towards becoming a leading supplier for Greentech. Workshop operations and some of the engineering capacity were demerged into their own companies and sold. FTG retained key personnel, patents, all the knowhow and production facilities.

FTG delivers state of the art equipment to for the best possible utilization of raw material, whether it is fish waste, different types of biorest or municipal sludge.

As a contribution in the wider context, we have included points 5, 9, 11 and 12 from the UN's sustainability goals in our strategy. FTG aims to promote equality and prevent discrimination in the working environment. FTG budgets with at least 10% of revenue in innovation to develop tomorrow's solutions. FTG must strive to only offer sustainable solutions to customers. FTG is to be a pioneer in reducing consumption to operate the plants.


FTG operates in modern premises at Thormøhlens Gate 49A in Bergen - in the R&D cluster Marineholmen, containing Bergen Technology Transfer (BTO), Nyskapningsparken, DNV, GC Rieber and several other companies highly focused on developing next generation technology.

Main office is still located Fjell Municipality outside Bergen. There, the company also has a workshop for assembly and small scale production, as well as installation and service workshop.

Our collaborational workshop APC Presmet is located in Poland.

FTG premises located in Marineholmen in Bergen - in the centre of marin cluster of Norway

Strategy and Vision

Fjell Technology Group will strive to make the world a little bit greener.

FTG has a strategy of having high levels of expertise in engineering and project management. The purpose is to be able to offer R&D for customers and partners, when customers do not have the necessary knowledge. At the same time, FTG wants to be able to carry out project follow-up and deliveries, in order to offer comprehensive solutions. FTG therefore often join forces with a range of cooperative companies.

Through incremental improvement, as well as occasionally radical solutions, the products in 2020 have a top-of-the-range standard. This applies to both material improvements and technical design – so that energy efficiency and lifetime are optimized.

The vision is operationalized through a program for continuous improvement. Before the work is started, an understanding of specified delivery is ensured. Tasks and risks are defined, while at the same time setting an agreed plan for progress, requirements and expectations. Importantly, risk is defined in connection with execution.

In order to ensure delivery, management follows closely on various KPIs, as well as learning after completion. Process descriptions and plans is key to ensure a delivery better than expectations.

FTGs R&D-department also contributes in great extent to research regarding CO2 capture and other projects within Greentech.

VALUES AND HSEQ: Fjell Technology Group has Responsibility, Innovativ and Reliable as our core values. To live up to these values, we place a strong focus on HSEQ. We will build trust with our clients and we will create security, well being ad predictability forour emplyees. For FTG it is important to work preventively and systematically with HSEQ, and we believe that this work will strengthen our competitveness. We deliver all our products according to customers expectations and according to statutory requirements and technical standards.Last but not least: we strive to be environmental friendly, meaning we sort our waste, we are identifying our environmental aspects for an improvement plan and we make demands on our suppliers.

Protecting the environment is all about keeping as much of nature untouched by human activity as possible. Fjell Technology Group (FTG) aims to minimize our companys envronmental footprint as much as possible at all times. We will through innovation, competence and skills develop technology based solutions that make a contribution to reduce the environmental impact of our customers. Such technology based solutions could be to improve and increase utilization of  residue products, recycling waste into becoming resources, technology that increases the value and market for a former waste or residue product, og energy consumption optimalization. Fjell Technology Group also aim to make a positive impact on the environmental footprint of our suppliers.

QHSE-policy Fjell Technology Group AS


Fjell Technology Group AS has a strong focus on safeguarding HSE in our operations. We will create trust with our clients and we will create safety, well-being and predictability for our employees.

For Fjell Technology Group AS, it is important to work preventively and systematically with HSE, and we believe that this work strengthens our competitiveness. As a minimum, we meet the requirements of the Act relating to HSE, and look at opportunities to meet HSE-related needs beyond the regulated requirements.


We shall do our utmost to deliver the work according to the customer's wishes and shall at all times know and comply with the requirements of the legislation and technical standards.

We will focus on continuously improving. Our employees will contribute to this by being solution-oriented and innovative. We will frequenty check the market for new opportunities and ensure that our employees have the right expertise.


We shall always focus on working in a way that minimizes our companys environmental footprint. The waste will be sorted with the aim of maximizing the potential for recycling our waste. We will prevent pollution by trying to find new solutions to reduce our waste.

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We will be an environmentally friendly and resource-conscious company. Fjell Technology Group will annually identify and review our environmental aspects, and make plans to improve our environmental performance. We shall know the environmental regulations and always comply with this.

We will set requirements for our suppliers, and together we will make sure to reduce our environmental impacts.

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