CO2 Capture using Low Temperature Solid Sorbents

This Norwegian Research Counsil-funded Projects goal is to develop next generation CO2 capture geared towards industry or Power production, with a potential to provide significant cost reductions. The present proposal supports this end to a high degree, in that it:

  • Produces chemically- and mechanically stable highly porous carbon spheres anchoring polyethylenimine (PEI) as low temperature CO2 sorbents, with high CO2 capture capacity, fast kinetics and low adsorption heat.
  • Develops an advanced reactor to effectively utilize the spherical CO2 sorbents for continuous CO2 capture
  • Designs process with highly integrated heat exchange to achieve:
    • High CO2 capture efficiency (> 90%)
    • Low energy penalty 4-5% (electric- and total energy efficiency)
    • About 25-30% cost saving (operating- and initial investment cost) compared to a competitive natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plant integrated with CO2 removal using manoethanolamine (MEA).

High Shear Granulator to produce mechanically strong spherical pellets

Areas of use