CO2 Capture by Moving Bed Carbonate Looping

This Climit-funded Projects goal is to develop a moving bed carbonate looping (MBCL) technology. In parallel we aim to develop optimized high temperature solid sorbent (HTSS) pellets for use in post-combustion CO2 capture (PCCC) process. In the upcoming phase, we will build a hot MBCL pilot rig (5 kW ~10 tonnes CO2 per year) for the PCCC process
We will also validate and tune the advanced multi-scale models needed for design of demo and industrial scale MBCL plants.
The project plans to develop a novel PCCC technology based on the MBCL together with optimized HTSS pellets that can achieve:

  • CO2 capture efficiency > 90%.
  • Energy penalty 1-2% (electric- and total energy efficiency).
  • About 35% cost saving (operating- and initial investment cost) compared to a competitive natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) power plant integrated with CO2 removal using manoethanolamine (MEA)1.

High pressure Macro-TGA to study multi-cycle carbonation/regeneration.

Areas of use