Compact CO2 Capture (3C)

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In 2007, Statoil took initiative for a Development process aming for a CO2 capturing process compact and lightweight enough for an offshore installment. Fjell Technology Group is now, on behalf of an initiative coowned by Amtech and CMR Prototech, heading a Equinor (former Statoil) and Climit-funded Project for developing and commercializing the Technology.

Keeping the capturing installment small and light-weighted, the Technology is also very well suited for Onshore based industry. The capturing units are modulated scalable, which provides more flexibility and significantly lower Capex than traditional Amine-based CO2 capturing. It will also be able to make capturing of CO2 at smaller emission points, even marine installations, commercially interresting.

The project team consists of researchers and developers from Tel-Tek (now part of Sintef), CMR Prototech, Equinor and Fjell Technology Group. Visit the Product site to read more about the 3C Technology.

This industrial scale Capture plant has the capacity of capturing 100.000 MT of CO2 / year from fluegas containing ca 4% CO2.


The Desorber has an integrated reboiler and measures 2 x 2 x 4 m